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Fund Distribution Information

2023 Income & Capital Gain Distributions

Access year-end distribution information for all of The Royce Funds and quarterly distribution information for Royce Dividend Value Fund, Royce Small-Cap Total Return Fund, and our closed-end offerings.

Please keep in mind that not all Funds may be required to pay distributions. Shareholders will not receive a 1099-DIV for Funds that do not pay distributions. 1099-DIV's will also not be issued on Royce Fund Accounts with total distributions of less than $10.

Supplemental Tax Information

Download The Royce Funds supplemental tax information:

The Royce Funds supplemental tax information contains important details regarding the following:

  • Blended Qualified Dividend Income: Percentage of Ordinary Income and/or Short-Term Capital Gains derived from domestic corporations or qualified foreign corporations.
  • U.S. Govt. Income: Percentage of Ordinary Income derived from U.S. Government Obligations.
  • Income Eligible for DRD: Percentage of Ordinary Income eligible for the Corporate Dividend Received Deduction (DRD).
  • Foreign Tax Paid: Percentage of tax paid to foreign governments.

Form 8937: Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities

If a mutual fund participates in a corporate action that affects its shareholders’ bases in their shares, typically a fund merger or payment of return of capital, the mutual fund is required to provide this information to comply with the requirements of the form. When electing to provide this information on the fund's primary public website, it must remain accessible there for a period of ten years.

Cost Basis

What “cost basis” means

The cost basis of your mutual fund shares is typically the price you paid for the shares plus fees (if applicable) including the price of shares obtained through reinvestment of distributions.

Covered versus noncovered shares

The regulations make the distinction between covered and noncovered shares in a taxable account:

  • Covered shares are any shares acquired on or after January 1, 2012. We are required to report the cost basis for any sales or exchanges of covered shares to you and the IRS.
  • Noncovered shares are any shares acquired before January 1, 2012, and any shares for which cost basis is unknown. We are not required to report cost basis for these shares to the IRS.

Capital gain or loss

When you sell or exchange shares, your capital gain or loss is the difference between the proceeds from the sale/exchange and the cost basis of the shares.

Even though we will report any cost basis for the sale or exchange of covered shares to you and the IRS, you’ll be responsible for reporting any capital gain or loss information for both covered and noncovered shares to the IRS.

Holding period

Whether you purchased your shares directly or through reinvestment, the length of time you owned the shares—your holding period—determines whether your gain or loss is considered long- or short-term:

  • Long-term: shares held for more than one year
  • Short-term: shares held for one year or less

For more information

Learn more about cost basis, reporting capital gains, and the new expanded IRS Form 1099-B in our Cost Basis Brochure.

For further assistance, please consult your tax adviser.

Tax Information for Direct Shareholders

Access electronic tax information for IRS form 1099 for your Royce Funds accounts. You must be registered for Account Access (ROAA) to access this information. If you are an open-end fund shareholder, find out how you can register for ROAA.

Quicken TurboTax®
Registered users of Account Access can import tax information on Royce accounts into Quicken TurboTax®. You need to be working within the TurboTax® program to download your Royce account data using your Royce Account Access Username and Password.

H&R Block At Home (formerly TaxCut)
If you are a registered user of Account Access, you have the ability to import 1099 tax information on your Royce accounts into H&R Block At Home software. You need to be working within the H&R Block At Home program to download your Royce account data using your Royce Account Access Username and Password.

Tax Forms

Use the IRS W-9 form to submit a request for a Taxpayer I.D. number and certification.

Retirement Plan Help

The tax advantages offered by Individual Retirement Accounts, IRAs, can make a big difference in how well prepared you are to finance a comfortable retirement. Open a Royce Funds IRA or learn about this year's contribution limits. The contributions will be non-deductible if your income is over a certain limit and you participate in an employee-sponsored plan.

Don't forget to review the beneficiary designations on your Royce IRA(s), especially if you experienced a life-changing event—getting married or becoming a parent. Direct shareholders can login to Account Access to check their beneficiary(ies). You cannot change your beneficiary(ies) online; instead download, complete, and mail in this form.







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