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How to Invest Directly

  • Invest by Mail—Download and complete an account application.
    • Investment and Service Class Shares—These shares are offered without sales charges.
    • Institutional Class Shares—These shares are designed primarily for investment by or through foundations, endowments, retirement plans, similar institutions, and other eligible investors satisfying the minimum initial investment criteria for the Class and are offered without sales charges.
    • Consultant Class Shares—These shares are generally offered only through certain broker-dealers.

Minimum initial investments for shares of the Fund’s Investment, Service, and Consultant Classes purchased directly from The Royce Fund:

Account Type Minimum
Regular Account $2,000
IRA $1,000
Automatic Investment or Direct Deposit Plan Accounts $1,000
401(k) Accounts None
The minimum for subsequent investments is $50, regardless of account type.

The minimum initial investment for Institutional Class shares is $1,000,000.

(R Class Shares are generally offered only through certain broker-dealers to "Retirement Plans" held on the books of the Funds through omnibus account arrangements.)

For payment options, please click here.
Information about investing in Royce Fund IRAs and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts.
Royce’s Closed-End Funds can also be purchased online—learn more.


eDelivery—Go Paperless!

Direct Shareholders can click here to sign up for eDelivery of shareholder communications including statements, prospectuses, financial reports, and tax forms. Login here.

Account Access

Existing direct shareholders can also sign up for Account Access to:

  • View Recent History and Average Cost Basis
  • Purchase, Exchange, or Redeem Shares
  • Add or Update an Automatic Investment Plan
  • Update Distribution Options
  • Update Email and Mailing Addresses
  • Change Username or Password
  • Add or Update Banking Information
  • View Confirmation Statements, Semiannual Statements, and Tax Forms

Applications & Special Forms

Investing with a Financial Advisor or Third Party

  • The Royce Funds are also available for purchase through financial advisors or third parties such as mutual fund supermarkets, broker-dealers, trading platforms, and/or banks. Please contact your personal financial advisor or brokerage for more information.
  • Brokerage Account Shareholders receive statements directly from your bank, broker, or financial institution. If you would like to sign up for eDelivery, please click on the first letter of your brokerage firm's name in the box below or go to If you are a Royce Closed-End Fund stockholder, you can also sign up for eDelivery at

Special Forms for Direct Shareholders

Royce Small-Cap Fund - GiftShares Account Materials



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