Small-Cap Specialists Since 1972

Small-cap investing is our primary business. This distinguishes us from most other asset managers.


We specialize in actively managed strategies that invest in the broad and diverse small-cap universe with unparalleled knowledge and experience gained through more than five decades of investing.

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Key Facts as of 03/31/24

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Royce Investment Partners is a Specialist Investment Manager of Franklin Resources, Inc.

Our Culture of Partnership

The spirit of partnership runs deep through our culture, from our corporate structure to our commitment to our clients and our longstanding relationships with the small-cap businesses in which we invest. We see the success of each stakeholder as interlinked.


Equally, if not more, important, we invest with you; our portfolio managers have substantial ownership in the strategies they manage. Our officers, employees, and their families have approximately $128 million* invested alongside our clients.

*Our officers, employees, and their families have approximately $128 million invested in The Royce Funds and similarly managed strategies and vehicles as of 03/31/24.


Passionate Advocates for Small-Cap

As passionate advocates for this asset class, we believe that including a meaningful allocation to small-cap can improve most investors’ outcomes. In our experience, this wonderfully diverse universe of companies provides perennial opportunities to invest in attractively valued stocks as many small-caps are lightly researched or misunderstood.

Our ongoing commitment to this asset class has allowed us to identify certain persistent historical tendencies for small-caps' long-term performance that are often overlooked by many other investors. As long-time residents in the small-cap space, we have recognized certain patterns and are happy to share the insights we have uncovered through specializing in this realm of the investment world for multiple decades.

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Our Offerings

Actively managed strategies for your small-cap investment needs.

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Our History

We've been cultivating our unique small-cap focus for more than four decades.

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Small-Cap Insights

Insights and observations on all things small-cap. 

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