Investment Team Update for RYPNX—Royce
article 09-27-2021

Investment Team Update for Royce Opportunity Fund

Buzz Zaino will return to his role as Senior Advisor on the team that manages Royce Opportunity Fund, one of our Small-Cap Opportunistic Value Strategy portfolios, while Kavitha Venkatraman joins the Strategy as Assistant Portfolio Manager.


Effective with the close of business on 10/29/21, Buzz Zaino will return to his role as Senior Advisor on the team that manages Royce Opportunity Fund, while Kavitha Venkatraman will be joining Royce as Assistant Portfolio Manager on all of the Small-Cap Opportunistic Value Strategy portfolios on 10/4/21. Portfolio Managers’ Jim Stoeffel, Brendan Hartman, and Jim Harvey, who joined Buzz in managing the strategy on 4/21/21, will lead the Strategy following this transition. As Senior Advisor, Buzz will continue working with the team, engaging with companies and participating in the daily morning meetings where the team evaluates each position in the portfolio.

Buzz said, “I’m very pleased that we have such an excellent team in place—one that’s more than capable of bringing the same level of success to the portfolio and engagement with our investors that it’s enjoyed since Royce launched the Opportunistic Strategy in 1998. The leadership transition to Jim, Brendan and Jim has been seamless, and I am completely comfortable reverting back to my role as Senior Advisor with the strategy in such experienced and capable hands. The addition of Kavitha to the team brings an added dimension as she brings experience and perspective that will make this strong team that much better.”

Royce CEO Chris Clark added, “We are extremely grateful to Buzz, who created this Strategy and very successfully managed it at Royce for more than two decades, for the skill and leadership he’s shown throughout his career with us. His dedication to our shareholders and investors has been exemplary, and we are thrilled he will continue his involvement with the team as a Senior Advisor. Importantly, we are very fortunate to have such a highly experienced team of portfolio managers, who have a combined 62 years of investment experience managing small- and micro-cap portfolios, at the helm of this long standing and highly successful strategy. Finally, with the arrival of Kavitha Venkatraman, we have added another talented, highly capable investment professional who will be a great addition to the team.”

The portfolio managers will use the same process-oriented, theme-based investment discipline in the Royce Small-Cap Opportunistic Value Strategy that has been used since its inception in 1998. The strategy will continue to invest in companies with low P/B and P/S ratios that are categorized into one of four themes: Turnarounds, Unrecognized Asset Values, Undervalued Growth, and Interrupted Earnings.

In discussing how the team works together, Portfolio Manager Jim Stoeffel said, “We see many benefits to our team-managed approach. Most important, we see the intellectual rigor of vetting an idea with peers as a critical function in developing conviction on an investment opportunity, either as a risk mitigation tool or as an opportunity to increase or decrease a position size. Individual bias can be a potential impediment to successful investing, and therefore we believe that a team approach, when successfully executed, can help alleviate such biases. The concept of peer review is common in many industries, and in our view plays a critical role in portfolio management. We also believe that the key to a successful team resides in mutual respect and collegiality. Having worked closely with Brendan for over 25 years and with Jim Harvey for the past 12, we all have great confidence in each other’s capabilities and the complimentary skills we bring to managing the Opportunity Strategy.”

About Kavitha Venkatraman: Kavitha Venkatraman has 11 years of investment industry experience with a specific focus on the value segment of the equity market. She has a patient, highly disciplined style that focuses on long-term returns and enjoys doing primary research. She joins Royce after an extensive search process that included substantial input from Messrs. Zaino, Stoeffel, Hartman, and Harvey, as well as Co-CIOs Chris Clark and Frank Gannon and founder Chuck Royce. The firm was deeply impressed by her independent thinking, unique background, and distinctive perspective gained from living and investing globally. Throughout her career as an analyst, she has been a successful stock picker with a demonstrated track record across diverse geographies and sectors, most recently at Alpine Peaks Capital (2020-present). Previously, she was an equity analyst as Pzena Investment Management (2016-2020), Steinberg Asset Management (2013-2016), and Blackrock (2010-2013). She holds a Master of Business Administration, Major in Finance from the Wharton School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a major in Computer Science from Madras University in Chennai, India.

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Opportunity Fund 4.64 102.05 17.76 21.11 13.19 10.42 11.24 13.23 11/19/96
Russell 2000 Value 4.56 73.28 10.27 13.62 10.85 7.90 9.17 9.92 N/A
Russell 2000 4.29 62.03 13.52 16.47 12.34 9.51 9.26 9.45 N/A

Annual Operating Expenses: 1.23

1 Not annualized.

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