Miles Lewis Highlights Two of His 2021 Stock Picks in USA TODAY—Royce
article 01-07-2021

Miles Lewis Highlights Two of His 2021 Stock Picks in USA TODAY

PM Miles Lewis was included in a USA TODAY article featuring 21 stock picks experts believe will do well in 2021.


PM Miles Lewis was recently mentioned in a USA TODAY article titled “Disney, AutoZone And PayPal Are Among 21 Stocks You Should Consider Buying In 2021, Stock Experts Say” by Adam Shell where he shared two stocks he believes may perform well in 2021.

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Miles highlighted World Wrestling (WWE) and Health Care Services (HCSG) as his two picks, adding that as of December 16, 2020 they were priced at $45.53 and $26.78, respectively. Miles made his case for World Wrestling, noting that the iconic franchise boasts a strong balance sheet and cash flows. He said the company’s ability to generate revenue with TV and pay-per-view events has aided it, and he believes it will recover well after the pandemic as people will be excited to attend in-person sporting events.

He also highlighted Health Care Services, which provides dining and janitorial services to nursing facilities. Although their customers have been hampered financially during COVID-19 due to fewer patients in facilities and higher costs caused by the need for protective care equipment and temporary nurses, Miles says the company is seeing demand from new customers.

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