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article 12-17-2020

Steve Lipper Quoted in S&P Global Market Intelligence

Senior Investment Strategist Steve Lipper was quoted in S&P Global Market Intelligence discussing why he believes there will be a jump in inflation in 2021.


Senior Investment Strategist Steve Lipper was quoted in an S&P Global Market Intelligence article titled “Gray Swans: Blinded By Pandemic, Investors May Be Ignoring These Risks In 2021” by Brian Scheid, making his case for a pickup in inflation in 2021.

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Steve noted that the investment debate will then turn to how sustainable this trend may be. He added that the market may not have correctly factored in the risks of the efficiency, timing and the adoption of COVID-19 vaccines.

"The progress has been highly encouraging, and markets have priced in a speedy and smooth distribution," Steve was quoted saying in the article. "This complacency seems to underestimate the logistical complexity of the vaccine manufacture and deployment for which there is no historical precedent on this scale."

Read the article here.

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