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article 11-04-2020

Steve Lipper Quoted in NPR

Senior Investment Strategist Steve Lipper was quoted in NPR discussing how the election may affect the economy’s recovery.


Senior Investment Strategist Steve Lipper was quoted in an NPR article titled “Stocks Soar as Tense Election Draws to A Close” by Jim Zarroli explaining how the election may impact a recovery.

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The article discussed that it would be easier to pass legislation if Democrats win both the White House and the Senate, though investors tend to disfavor unified control of the government, particularly by Democrats because they tend to push for higher taxes for the wealthy and stronger regulation. However, the economy is stalling after a record-breaking third quarter, so investors believe strong action is necessary in order to recover from the pandemic.

"If we elect a divided government, the recovery is likely to proceed at a moderate pace. If one party sweeps, then we may get a more significant fiscal response, driven either by tax cuts or spending increases," Steve Lipper was quoted saying in the article.

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