Charlie Dreifus Pens Letter to the Barron’s Editor—Royce
article 09-16-2020

Charlie Dreifus Pens Letter to the Barron’s Editor

In Charlie Dreifus’s Letter to the Editor, “Take the Deep Dive,” he explains the importance of deeply analyzing financial statements.


On September 11, 2020, Charlie Dreifus’s Letter to the Editor, “Take the Deep Dive,” was published in Barron’s. Charlie’s letter was a response to Lewis Braham’s article “Why Your Fund Manager Isn’t Looking for Fraud," as Charlie felt the article highlighted a critical topic in asset management.  

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Charlie explained he has always practiced a deep dive analysis into financial statements throughout his 52-year career but noted that this isn’t a common practice among managers. “It strikes us that too few analysts engage in the labor-intense and time-consuming task, which many also find dull,” Charlie said in the letter. He also observed, however, that “The annals of Wall Street are filled with legends who spent their time off studying 10ks, proxies, and other documents that their competitors ignored. Our stated intention is to continue that pursuit, hopefully for the ultimate benefit of our shareholders.”

Charlie’s Letter to the Editor is the third letter on the page. Read the article (subscription required).  

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