RYSEX And RYPNX In Morningstar—Royce
article 09-13-2019

Royce Funds Included In Morningstar Article On Avoiding Index Overlap

Royce’s Absolute Value Strategy and Deep Value Strategy were included in a Morningstar article on active small-value funds and avoiding index overlap.


Morningstar recently included Royce Special Equity Fund and Royce Opportunity Fund in an article titled “Can Active Small-Value Funds Save You From Index Overlap?” by Kevin McDevitt.

Read the piece here.

In the article, the distinct holdings percentage and overall active share for 19 small-value funds were compared. Kevin noted that Royce Special Equity Fund had the lower percentage of distinct holdings when compared to the other funds, but also the highest overall active share. He further explained how investing in small-value stocks can assist in avoiding many indexed equity assets.

Read the piece here.

Charlie Dreifus manages Royce Special Equity Fund, assisted by Steven McBoyle. Bill Hench manages Royce Opportunity Fund, assisted by Rob Kosowsky and Suzanne Fields.

Important Disclosure Information

Active Share is the sum of the absolute values of the different weightings of each holding in the Fund versus each holding in the benchmark, divided by two.

You may obtain a prospectus for any of The Royce Funds on our website at www.roycefunds.com/prospectus or by calling (800) 841-1180. The prospectus includes investment objectives, risks, fees, charges, expenses, and other information that you should read and consider carefully before investing.



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