Francis Gannon in CBS MoneyWatch: "Small-cap stocks may be poised to move higher."
article 11-17-2017

Francis Gannon in CBS MoneyWatch: "Small-cap stocks may be poised to move higher."

Co-CIO Francis Gannon tells CBS MoneyWatch why small-cap cyclicals with global reach currently present an attractive opportunity.


Francis Gannon discussed the prospects for small-caps cyclicals with global end markets with CBS MoneyWatch, explaining why he believes certain cyclicals look well-positioned.

The article, "Small-cap stocks may be poised to move higher," by Gene Marcial addresses the next moves for small-caps.

With the backdrop of a synchronized global economic recovery, Francis believes the current environment "should benefit some of the more economically sensitive or cyclical areas of the overall market."

He added that many small-cap companies derive a healthy percentage of their revenue from sources outside the US, "These are great areas to find global businesses, and people tend to forget that many small-cap businesses are global businesses that generate revenue outside the US and think global in terms of how they operate."

Read the CBS MoneyWatch article here.  

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