Asset TV Small-Cap Masterclass: What's Next for Small-Caps
article 10-11-2017

Asset TV Small-Cap Masterclass: What's Next for Small-Caps

Portfolio Manager Jay Kaplan weighs in with a small-cap update on an Asset TV panel on the asset class.


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Portfolio Manager Jay Kaplan joined Asset TV on September 14 to discuss what's next for small-cap stocks.  

Jay shares his thoughts on the asset class with host Gillian Kemmerer in the Small-Cap Masterclass, discussing the recent performance of small-caps versus large-caps, valuations for the asset class, and if he expects a reversal from growth to value leadership in 4Q17. 

Jay also discusses the prospects of a correction this year: "If you think that the market is at all time high valuations, and at some point we’re due for a correction because almost every year we have one and we really haven’t had a big one yet in small-caps, you want to be positioned in the better companies because hopefully they will hold up better if the market should take a little bit of a breather and have a hiccup in here."

He also noted that he’s finding opportunities in boutique investment firms, community banks, and contract manufacturers in the technology sector.   

Watch Asset TV's Small-Cap Masterclass here.

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