Chuck Royce Talks Underappreciated Small Caps on WealthTrack—Royce
article 10-13-2021

Chuck Royce Talks Underappreciated Small Caps on WealthTrack

PM Chuck Royce was a guest on Consuelo Mack WealthTrack discussing how small cap performance has been less recognized over the last decade compared to their large cap peers.


On 10/8/21, our founder and Portfolio Manager Chuck Royce was the guest on Consuelo Mack WealthTrack, where he talked about why small-cap stocks merit attention as a rich and diverse asset class and his confidence that higher quality small caps look poised to perform well now that the current performance cycle is maturing.

Watch the video here.

He mentioned regional banks as an interesting investment opportunity in the small-cap value space, many with the added benefit, in his view, of steady dividends.

He also detailed how he became a small-cap investor in the early 1970s, when the lines between asset classes were not as sharply drawn as they are today. He found himself drawn to small stocks because, "That's where the fun was." He recalled that meeting with capable and fascinating management teams kept him interested in smaller companies.

He and Consuelo reviewed the evolution of the asset class over nearly five decades. They also discussed his core and high-quality approaches, and how he and other investment professionals at our firm developed a growing interest in non-U.S. quality stocks to complement our domestic strategies over the last two decades.

Watch the video here.

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